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  • Mammogram - Breast Imaging

A mammogram is a soft tissue x-ray of the breast. The breast is carefully positioned and compressed between 2 plates to spread out the tissue evenly by a lady technologist. The x-ray beam passes through the breast and that is captured on a workstation. The images are viewed on a 5 megapixel high resolution monitor and correlated with breast ultrasound when necessary.

Getting a high quality mammogram on a regular basis is the most effective way to detect breast cancer early.
The quality of the mammogram and its interpretation requires dedicated personnel. At Chennai breast centre, our team of technologists and doctors provide you the best possible chance of early detection.


The advantages of having a mammogram at Chennai breast centre are

  • It is digital
  • It is quicker
  • Lower dose of radiation
  • One stop specialist’s assessment and reports.
  • All mammograms are archived and can be retrieved in future for comparison
When scheduling a mammogram,
  • Schedule it after your period. It decreases the discomfort.
  • Do not use deodorants or talcum powder on the day of examination. This interferes with our interpretation.
  • Remember to bring your previous mammograms for comparison. If you have done it with us, then remember to bring your ID number, which will help us to access your mammograms and reports from our records.

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