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Support Group / Counseling

Many breast cancers can now be cured, and treatments have become easier to cope with. However, the moment one is faced with a diagnosis of cancer, it leads to deep emotional crisis and distress. In fact, most people say that they have never faced a bigger and more frightening challenge in their life.

Coping with cancer- individual and group sessions.

Sharana is the support group that is here for you and your family offering practical, emotional and social support during one of the toughest moments of your life. You can talk to patient volunteers, professional psychologists and our breast care nurses for support, help and information.

Life after cancer- group sessions

These sessions help you manage the physical, emotional and practical issues you may face after your treatment has finished through a series of group sessions each lasting for about 2 hours.

Our group sessions provide an opportunity to interact with others in similar situation to help decrease the feelings of anxiety, isolation or fear.



We have a wide range of prostheses available in silicone in different sizes, to use externally after mastectomy to restore body image. Mastectomy bras in various sizes are available.

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