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One stop breast clinic

At Chennai Breast Centre, patients who come for breast symptoms have their consultation and diagnostic assessment that includes a mammogram, breast ultrasound scan and an ultrasound guided core needle biopsy on the same day.

Lymphedema prevention classes

Patients who have had a complete axillary clearance are at risk of developing arm swelling called lymphedema. Every alternate Saturday we have group classes for arm care and prevention exercises.

Support Group

Peer support is very essential to get through any challenge in life. At CBC we encourage a network of peers who have had treatment in the past to counsel and support for newly diagnosed patients. Coming from someone who has been there and done it is tremendously encouraging for a new patient.

For help please reach at 9444971787

Day Surgery

Day surgery is a concept that is gaining popularity. Advances in anesthesia and modern surgical techniques ensure minimum hospital stay and early recovery. Day surgery is less intimidating for the patient, cost effective and allows recovery in more familiar circumstances. Going back home early also disrupts very little of the routine at home. Going home early also ensures that hospital acquired infections are minimized.

We have performed over 350 breast cancer surgeries as day care surgery with excellent patient satisfaction.

I congratulate the entire anesthetic team headed by Dr. Jegadish with his colleagues Dr. Narmadha, Dr. Uma and Pusphavalli Thirumamagal and her superb nursing team.

Dr. Jegadish Baskaran

Our smiling anaesthetist Dr. Jagadish worked in England for 10 years as a consultant in anaesthesia and pain management. He is extremely confident with any clinical situation and puts the patient and the surgeon at ease during surgery.

  • Holistic pain management
  • No unpleasant post-operative pain, nausea or vomiting
  • No routine antibiotics
  • We avoid blood transfusions

Adequate pre-operative, intraoperative and post-operative care has made it possible to send patients home the same day.

Patient's experience

"I was initially very apprehensive when my doctor told me that I can go home the same day. My friend had a similar surgery a while ago and she was in hospital for a few days and had a lot of pain after the surgery. That experience and the worry that what if something happens? made me very reluctant to go home the same day. But the team at CBC and Apollo Day Surgery reassured me and I decided to take it as it comes. I kept talking while they were preparing to give me anesthesia and I remember discussing a Himalayan trekking holiday and I effortlessly drifted off to sleep. I only remember waking up and wondering if the surgery was really over. I heard Dr. Jagadish say that I am doing really well and Dr. Selvi telling me that my cancer had not spread to the lymph nodes. I dozed off again Latter that afternoon, I was able to get up and go to the rest room and eat a piece of toast and drink a cup of tea. I felt confident that I can manage at home and happily went home by 6 pm. That was less than 12 hours stay in the hospital for my breast cancer surgery!"