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Footprints we made, creating a new path for breast cancer care in our part of the country. There is still a long way to go. With Ishvara's grace we will continue to walk, run and sprint towards achieving a holistic approach to prevent, cure and comfort women with breast cancer in our Country.

This July, we have been on this journey for
9 years now to beat breast cancer

Milestones in our journey:

1. First fully equipped diagnostic breast centre with full field digital mammographic system with prone table and vacuum assisted biopsy system and the finest of ultrasound machines for breast cancer diagnosis.

2.Teaching programs organized by our Team:

  • 1. Breast Ultrasound workshop - July 2009, Chennai
  • 2. National Breast Imaging Educational Program - August 2010, Chennai
  • 3. Oncoplastic surgery workshop Feb 2012
  • 4. Breast imaging educational program- November 2012, Chennai
  • 5. Breast imaging educational program- August 2014, Chennai
  • 6. Breast imaging educational program- August 2016, Chennai
  • 7. Target and Breast imaging educational program- August 2017, Chennai

3. Book / Chapter contributions

  • 1. Authored a book titled 'All about breast cancer' published by Macmillan publishers. 2012
  • 2. Marbaga puttru noii: Tamil version published by Vanathi Pathipagam, Chennai, 2012
  • 3. Contributed a chapter on breast imaging- current trends - Breast cancer - Current Update 2014 Selvi Radhakrishna
  • 4. Authored a text book on Breast diseases - Imaging and clinical management- Published by Springer 2014.
  • 5. Contributed a chapter on Breast in the second edition MCQ's and EMQ'S in surgery, Bailey and Love revision Guide. Published CRC Press, 2015
  • 6. Contributed a chapter on Breast Imaging in the Roshan Lal's Recent advances in Surgery; Volume 15, 2018

4. Publications

  • 1.Images: Granular Cell Tumour of the Breast Mimics a Malignancy. Ayub, Muhamed Faizal; Radhakrishna, Selvi; Chakravarthy, Ranjani. Indian Journal of surgical Oncology. (2010) 1: 294-302.
  • 2. Expression of matrix metalloproteinases in human breast cancer tissues. C.S. Benson. S.D. Babu, S. Radhakrishna, N. Selvamurugan,B. Ravi Sankar Disease markers 00: 2013 1-11 Doi 10.3222/DMA-130986
  • 3. Grade Dependent Expression of Growth Factor Receptors and Signaling Molecules in Breast Cancer. Chellakkan Selvanesan Benson, Somasundaram Dinesh Babu, Selvi Radhakrishna, Nagarajan Selvamurugan, Bhaskaran Ravi Sankar Selvi Radhakrishna Journal of Cancer Therapy, 2013, 4, 21-31
  • 4. Needle core biopsy for breast lesions: An audit of 467 needle core biopsies/ Selvi Radhakrishna, Anugayathri Jawahar, Deepa Chegu ISMPO: Oct-Dec 2013/vol34/issue4.
  • 5. Clinical response to primary letrozole therapy in elderly patients with early breast cancer. Possible role for p53 as a biomarker Veerabhadram Garimella1Tasadooq Hussain1Vijay Agarwal, Selvi Radhakrishna, John N. Fox, Peter J. Kneeshaw,Ervine D. Long,Tapan K. Mahapatra,Penelope L. McManus,Michael J. Lind,Philip J. Drew, Lynn Cawkwell International Journal of Surgery (London, England) Volume 12, Issue 8, Pages 821-826 2014
  • 6. Synchronous bilateral breast cancers J Clin Diagn Res 2015 Sep 1;9(9):XC05-XC08. Epub 2015 Sep 1. Naveen Padmanabhan, Annapurneswari Subramanyan, Selvi Radhakrishna
  • 7. Factors Influencing Non-sentinel Node Involvement in Sentinel Node Positive patients. Naveen Padmanabhan, Ann kurien, Md. Faizal, Selvi Radhakrishna Indian J Surg Oncol. 2015 Dec; 6(4): 337-345
  • 8. Outcomes of breast cancer management from an urban specialist centre in South India. Naga Amulya, Kirti Katherine Kabeer, Naveen Padmanaban, Ramesh Nimmagadda, Selvi Radhakrishna. (Accepted for publication by IJMPO)
  • 9. Role of magnetic resonance imaging in breast cancer management. Radhakrishna S, Agarwal S, Parikh PM, et al South Asian Journal of Cancer. 2018;7(2):69-71. doi:10.4103/sajc.sajc_104_18.
  • 10. .Cost-effective breast cancer care in India. Radhakrishna S Int J Adv Med Health Res 2018;5:1-2


  • 1. Member of the National cancer Grid
  • 2. Member of the international breast centres network.
  • 3. MOU with the Department of Biotechnology with IIT, Madras
  • 4. Conducting a clinical trial with Tata trusts : Add aspirin trial.
  • 5. Data Management with Oncocollect Tm by Dr. Ramesh Nimmagadda Cancer Foundation.

6.Sharana Breast Cancer relief and research Foundation

Through the umbrella of Sharana, we have treated and supported over a 100 breast cancer patients with surgery, investigations and treatment

7.Formation of Ethics committee

Chennai Breast Centre has formed an approved ethics committee registered under the Ethics Committee Registration No. ECR/1109/INST/TN/2018 issued under Rule 122DD of the Drugs &Cosmetics Rules 1945.

Like Robert Frost said

"I have miles to go before I sleep"