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The team that plays together - stays together

Chennai Breast Centre is blessed to have a team that inspires confidence and provide comfort to the patients.

Nothing like a holiday to recharge for a greater balance, by traveling together, relaxing with fun, sun and stories. We went to Yercaud for a weekend. Reached there late night and had a nice packed dinner from home. The best part was sleeping with sky as the roof with stars watching over us.

The next day was filled with visits to all the tourist places, and some funfilled activities including a sky jump by Asha and ended with cooking over bonfire and playing cards. We returned back with batteries recharged to work on Monday morning .. and planning the next vacation already. It has to be by the sea.

Breast cancer genetics clinic

The function of the BRCA1 and BRCA2 and PALB2 genes is to keep breast cells growing normally and prevent any cancer cell growth. When a mutation in BRCA 1 and 2 and PALB2 develops or is inherited, there is a much higher risk of developing breast and or ovarian cancer. They can be inherited from the mother or father. Abnormal BRCA1, BRCA2, and PALB2 genes may account for up to 10% of all breast cancers, or 1 out of every 10 cases.

Most people who develop breast cancer have no family history of the disease. However, when a strong family history of breast and/or ovarian cancer is present, there may be reason to believe that a person has inherited an abnormal gene linked to higher breast cancer risk. Some people choose to undergo genetic testing to find out. A genetic test counselling is essential to understand the pros and cons of testing.

Chennai Breast Centre provides a through risk assessment and genetic counselling to high risk women , arrange genetic testing and offer risk reduction strategies and prevention of hereditary Breast and Ovarian cancers.

New Team Member

Prini Joseph, a Physician Assistant trained at Frontier lifeline has joined our team. She is well versed with Tamil, English, Malayalam, and a bit of Kannada and Hindi.

Meetings and Events

  • Dr. Selvi Radhakrishna, Dr. Asha Reddy and Dr. Naga Amulya attended the Statistics workshop at Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai
  • Dr. Selvi Radhakrishna participated in the The National Cancer Grid meeting where, cost effective cancer care, palliative cancer care, virtual tumour board, suitable screening and early detection strategies for India were discussed.
  • Kavitha .S and Prini attended the training program at Biotechnology Department IIT, Madras: Documentation and collection of samples for the tumour repository.