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It was a wonderful Sunday morning. I must admit that I was initially sceptical about people turning up on a Sunday morning for TAI CHI workshop. And I was pleasantly surprised at the enthusiasm and interest shown by the participants.

Dr. Sunil Srinivasan and Dr. Shanti are senior doctors from Trichy. They practice Tai Chi regularly and have had several levels of training to become teachers. They conduct classes in Trichy regularly. They graciously offered to teach this to our patients.

The workshop started with a brief introduction and we proceeded with gentle movements in coordination with our breathing guided by both Dr. Shanti and Dr. Sunil Srinivasan.

Tai chi is beneficial for health. It is a very good stress buster and plays an important role in healing from within and with control of chronic disease like diabetes and blood pressure. Regular practice of Tai Chi will definitely improve health and mental well being and help in the control of diabetes and blood pressure along with the medication. It is also very beautiful and graceful to do. The music is so soothing and all of us felt completely relaxed after completing the movements. I thank Dr. Sunil Srinivasan and Dr. Shanthi for speeding their Sunday with us and introducing us to Tai Chi.

Those in Trichy should definitely make an effort to reach out to them to learn this as they do regular classes there.


Mr Pawan Malhotra is a scientist and a researcher whose passion to make a difference made him to explore ways in which he can help patients with breast cancer get back their body image using his skills.

The silicon prostheses that are currently available are very expensive and very heavy. The cotton ones are not very pliable. They are stiff and do not have the natural feel and droop of the breast.

'Poorti' is an indigenously developed prosthesis which is a combination that is lightweight and soft with a feel of a real breast. The prosthesis comes with an outer cover and a bra that fits comfortably.

This is a social entrepreneurship project, designed and made in India and therefore very reasonably priced when compared to the silicone prosthesis that are imported from the West.

At Chennai breast Centre, we have a trial kit with various sizes available with which one can try and decide which size suits them best.